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Who had it first? “Bad Ass With a Great Ass” Catchphrase

A wrestler near & dear to the hearts of F'n Wrestling is having an issue with a WWE Superstar "borrowing" her well-known catchphrase.

On last week's WWE Monday Night RAW, commentator Corey Graves let fly with what I thought was just a potentially great slogan or t-shirt quote. Little did I know... it was just that, but not for Carmella... or not originally, anyway.

"Bad Ass With a Great Ass"... just sorta rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? Surely that belongs on a t-shirt!... & the original coiner of that catchphrase, Natalia Markova, couldn't agree more!

Seems the Russian Crush's been selling this shirt for a while now & understandably didn't take too kindly to the former Smackdown Women's champion absconding with her intellectual property.

Natalia has matches on the WWE network. She also appeared on AEW Dark and now wrestles for NWA and will soon wrestle for Triple AAA, she also wrestled in over 20 countries.

The biggest question seems to be... was it Carmella herself who went to the Federation with "her" new catchphrase? Or did somebody in WWE say "nawww, nobody's gonna know!"

Her supporters here in F'n Wrestling are 100% behind her, that's for sure!

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