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Billy Gunn says sometimes less is more for young wrestlers

Billy Gunn was recently on Renne Paquetes Session Podcast and had wisdom to offer young wrestlers

“I ask the talent, as their coach, if they want to do this for a long time, like me, or if they only want to do it for a couple of years, because your body can't take going out there and trying to have a main event of Wrestlemania style five star match every single time.
They're killing themselves instead of setting a pace and taking it easy in certain situations that call for it.
They'll do that on Dark, and it's nothing against the Dark or Elevation shows, but those are secondary shows. Even when you're on Dynamite and Rampage, that doesn't mean you have to unload everything you have in seven minutes. Sometimes, more is less.
With the way wrestling is these days, fans will forget about a match that’s just move, move, move in a heartbeat, but if you slow down, tell a story, then in the last match of the feud, go out there and have a great match, it not only saves your body, but it helps your longevity in the business on so many levels.”

-Billy Gunn

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