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Bobby pitched fat version of himself to Vince

“About two years, I pitched to Vince [McMahon] an idea where I would lose to a really unknown lower card guy, get rdepressed about it and pack on 50 or 60 pounds and just come out all fat and out of shape.

Then, someone like MVP would pull me out of it after a few months, we’d do these training videos and really get me back into peak physical condition.

I had a conversation with Vince, he looks at me and goes ‘I don’t think you’ll be able to do that.’ I told him with 100% certainty I could, and even though he liked the idea, it just never came about happening.

Might have to pitch this one to HHH. It’s a fresh set of ears. He might actually let me do it. Who knows?”

- Bobby Lashley (via Jim Norton and Sam Roberts)

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