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Booker T Talks about What ‘May Be The Only Regret’ From His Wrestling Career

Booker T has had a storied wrestling career, winning major titles in both WWE and WCW. Booker T also holds the distinct honor of being just one of eight wrestlers to get inducted twice into WWE’s Hall of Fame

But according the man himself there is still one thing he regrets not been able to achieve during his career

“I can’t speak for my brother but I can speak for myself, that may be the only regret in my career that my brother and I did not win the IWGP World Tag Team Championships,” Booker said during the latest episode of The Hall of Fame Podcast. “That right there for me would’ve been icing on the cake really for the career. I know those guys, I know what wrestling means to those guys in Japan. It’s huge, it’s their bloodline, and to be a part of something like that [would’ve been great].”

Many tag teams have won the IWGP Tag team titles from the Young Bucks to the briscoes. Even the Dudley boyz have won the titles. This is something which bugs Booker T

“I think The Dudleyz were the IWGP Tag Team Champions and I’m a little hot about that,”

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