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Bret Hart on wrestling today & Jon Moxley

During a recent interview with HN Live to promote his son’s own wrestling promotion in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, WWF Legend Bret Hart revealed that he can not watch (main stream) pro-wrestling anymore these days, because it lost its way since the good old days.

Here’s what The Hitman had to say:

“It’s all more about the glitz, the introduction and going out to the ring and going on a ramp, lights and fireworks. All that’s great and I love all that stuff too and it’s almost like a different world than the wrestling that my dad used to put on.
It was very black and white in the sense it was just good guys and bad guys. I just think the old kind of wrestling is sorely missed by a lot of people. It’s like, you know, if the old wrestling was around, like my dad’s wrestling, we’d come see it kind of thing.
I’m trying to advise my son Dallas and help him deliver the kind of wrestling show that I would enjoy watching more, you know, where the wrestler actually knows what a headlock is rather than sort of doing this scripted ballet of leaping and twirling and dancing around like a bunch of ballet dancers.
I don’t really enjoy today’s wrestling for those reasons. They’ve lost a lot of steps towards the reality or credibility of wrestling.
Wrestling always, in my opinion, needs to pretend to be real. It needs to pretend really hard to be real, always has pretended really hard almost to the point that you believe it is real. I think wrestling is so far-fetched today.
When I think of WWE, for example, and I see 20 wrestlers crowd together outside on the floor of the ring and some guy runs over and dives over the top rope and knocks them all down like bowling pins, I really roll my eyes at how pathetic wrestling is today.
From top to bottom, all the top wrestlers and all the middle and bottom wrestlers in WWE and AEW all slapping on their legs on every punch and every slap, it’s to the point now where I can’t watch wrestling today.
Sadly, it’s getting too phony. I really question the direction that the people that are in charge.”

Bret also criticized what Jon Moxley (fka Dean Ambrose in WWE) does in All Elite Wrestling:

“AEW has kind of gone in a bad direction, I think, with all the violence and gore. I watched some episodes. You know, I watched Marta Hart do her big press conference for AEW here in Calgary.

I’m watching AEW, and I’m watching, who used to be Dean Ambrose, sticking a fork in somebody’s head for like 5 minutes with a close up on TV. This isn’t wrestling either. I would recommend turning all that off. I don’t watch that stuff anymore.

It’s not very good. Wrestling is going in some bad directions because people don’t know what wrestling is or wrestling was.”

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