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Chris Jericho Going With Bald Look On AEW TV?

@SpiceySpaceCow on twitter tweeted this photoshopped picture of Chris Jericho after Jericho’s bald spot became the butt of jokes online.

If you watched “Dynamite” and paid attention to Jericho’s subsequent tweets, after it would appear that Jericho is going to be booked to lose a hair vs hair match with Ortiz. Ortiz snipped off some of Jericho’s hair on “Dynamite” after Chris rejected William Regal’s challenge for a “Blood & Guts” match. Jericho Appreciation Society against Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, Santana, Ortiz & Eddie Kingston. Jericho then accepted the challenge, on the condition he got a The Hair vs. Hair match with Ortiz on June 15. Could we get a bald Chris Jericho for “Blood and Guts” on June 29th?

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