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CM Punk gets into an altercation early Monday morning!

During the All Out post show Media Scrum.

CM Punk accused the Young Bucks of spreading rumors about him to journalists.

CM Punk also called Hangman an "empty headed dumb fuck who goes into buisiness for himself”…and also called Hangman a buffoon for saying that he doesn't take advice from veterans such as himself.

Punk says he hasn't been friends with Colt Cabana for over a decade, and probably wanted nothing to do with him for longer than that. He also made fun of Colt Cabana for sharing a bank account with his mother.

Steven Muehlhausen of has reported scourging to his sources, Sources: There was an altercation between CM Punk and The Young Bucks early Monday. The Bucks confronted Punk about his comments at the scrum. It did get physical with Punk throwing punches at least one member of The Bucks. A number of people intervened to separate everyone. The animosity between CM Punk and The Young Bucks began around the first All Out in 2019 when they were trying to get Punk to come out of retirement. The Bucks felt slighted and were upset and it’s been slowly bubbling since and ultimately led to what happened early Monday. We will keep you updated as news available

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