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Cody Rhodes doesn’t like Seth Rollins

“Seth Rollins is the closest I've ever gotten to fist fighting in front of all of our peers and management. It didn't happen. Him and I absolutely can't stand one another, I'd probably try to rip one of his eyes out.
"I've had one backstage skirmish. I'm not going to name the guy. The good thing is, I won. When I came back, this is early in my career, he was wearing one of my vests. I have these special leather vests that I wore as part of my entrance. He was wearing it and kind of mocking me at the talent viewing position. As I went walking towards him, I thought I was going to headbutt him, but a headbutt seems pretty violent these days. I thought, 'Why don't I just grapple him?' I have a good folkstyle Greco background. I got an over-under and swept him to the floor. I took my jacket and I looked like a jerk in front of everybody because he was probably just having a good time and it was probably funny. I’ve only had one fight backstage and I won that fight.”

- Cody Rhodes (via The Dan LeBatard Show)

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