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Impact Wrestling's Bound For Glory Results {October 7th}

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

IMPACT Wrestling’s biggest pay-per-view of the year comes to the Albany Armory in Albany, New York!

Before the biggest pay-per-view of the year, the action begins on Countdown to Bound For Glory streaming on IMPACT Plus and YouTube!

Dirty Dango answers Brian Myers’ open challenge and the Digital Media Title is on the line!

Dango uses his moves to avoid a pin attempt, then hits a jumping leg drop for two. Myers whips the former Fandango into the steel ring post to gain control. Dango soars with a slingshot crossbody to the floor, then hits a side Russian leg sweep, followed by a Falcon Arrow.

Brian comes back with his signature Implant DDT, but his challenger counters the Roster Cut clothesline into a tornado DDT for another near fall. The Most Professional Wrestler avoids Down and Dirty, then connects with the Roster Cut to win!

"Innovator of Violence" Tommy Dreamer inducts the hardcore icon and worldwide wrestling superstar Raven into the IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame, joining the elite company of Sting, Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, Earl Hebner, Gail Kim, Abyss, Ken Shamrock and Awesome Kong as one of the most accomplished and influential names in IMPACT Wrestling history. Raven wraps up his speech by hitting Dreamer, his greatest rival, with one more Evenflow DDT!

Bound For Glory is on the air!

"Speedball" Mike Bailey defends the X-Division Title against a pioneer of the division, All Elite Wrestling’s Frankie Kazarian!

Bailey gains the early advantage with a springboard Moonsault to the outside. Kazarian pushes Mike off the top rope, sending him toppling to the floor. Frankie continues the attack with a slingshot leg drop. The champion tries to build momentum with a series of strikes, but the challenger shuts him down and takes him to the ground.

Speedball finally creates separation with an explosive single leg drop kick, then hits a twisting Shooting Star, but it’s not enough to keep the former So-Cal Uncensored member down. Kazarian connects with Back to the Future for two. Both men are down, following a big clothesline from Frankie. Bailey avoids a springboard leg drop, allowing him to drive his knees into the ribs of the Perpetual Visitor of the WORST... CITY... EVERRRRR. Mike soars with Ultimo Weapon, but the former TNA X Division champion somehow kicks out, then counters the Flamingo Driver into the Chicken Wing submission.

Speedball throws himself through the ropes to break the hold. On his way back in the ring, the current champion gets caught with the Slingshot Cutter. The challenger hits the Flux Capacitor, for another very close near fall, then counters Ultimo Weapon into a mid-air cutter. "Speedball" Mike Bailey kicks out, but Frankie Kazarian transitions into the Chicken Wing, forcing him to tap!

Mickie James continues her Last Rodeo against Mia Yim... and if she loses, her legendary career will be over!

The former WWE Women's & Dvias champion attempts a bulldog, but injures her leg in the process. Yim then sets her sights on the left leg of James, continuing the attack with a DDT. Moments later, Mickie creates separation with a neck breaker, then takes her fellow former TNA Knockouts champion down with a Thesz Press.

James builds momentum with a series of clotheslines. Mia comes back with a buckle bomb, followed by a cannonball in the corner for two. Nick Aldis' Baby Momma comes off the top with another Thesz Press for two. Keith Lee's Main Squeeze counters the Mick Kick into a Stretch Muffler submission. Yim hits Eat Defeat, but James grabs the bottom rope to break the pin. Mickie James successfully hits the Mick DT on Mia Yim, to score the victory!

After the match, James and Yim show each other respect, as they embrace in the middle of the ring.

The newly minted Death Dollz (Taya Valkyrie & Jessicka) look to regain their Knockouts World Tag Team Titles from VXT (Chelsea Green & Deonna Purrozzo)!

Green escapes an early assault from Jessicka and makes the tag to Purrazzo. Valkyrie gains the advantage with the sliding German suplex known as Pandemonium. VXT deliver double big boots to Taya on the apron. Chelsea holds La Wera Loca’s leg from the outside, allowing Deonna to continue the attack.

Valkyrie makes the tag to Jessicka, but the Virtuosa has the referee distracted. Moments later, Taya uses her quickness to successfully tag in the former Havok, who hits a double splash on VXT for a very close near fall on both of her opponents.

Green comes back with a curb stomp, but it’s not enough. Taya Valkyrie spears Deonna Purrazzo out of the ring. Jessicka follows up with the Sick Driver on Chelsea Green to score the pinfall victory!

The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) defend the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles against the Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) in a first time ever matchup!

Taven jumpstarts the match by attacking Shelley from behind before the opening bell. The Guns turn the tide and are in total control, following a pair of superkicks to the head of Matt. The referee is distracted by Sabin, allowing Bennett to get involved illegally. The former ROH World Heavyweight champion launches himself off the apron, taking out Alex on the floor. The *other* former ROH World Heavyweight champion {except with pink fur} delivers a hard Irish whip into the corner, knocking the wind out of the Guy Who Knows a Lot of World Champions.

Moments later, Shelley tries to fight out of the corner, but falls victim to a double team assault. Taven hits a top rope elbow drop to remain in control. Alex creates separation and makes the tag to a fiery Sabin, quickening the pace as he soars with a top rope crossbody on both of his opponents. Chris then wipes out the champions with a dive to the floor. The challengers put their unique double team offense on display, as they almost put the former ROH World Tag Team champions away.

Matt retaliates with Just the Tip on Chris, but it’s not enough. The Kingdom hit Hail Maria on Sabin, but Shelley keeps the match alive by breaking the pin, before launching Mike into his partner, who’s trapped in the Tree of Woe. Mike Bennett inadvertently superkicks his own wife Maria. Matt Taven rolls up Chris Sabin with his feet on the ropes to win!

20 competitors vie for perhaps the most sought-after opportunity in all of professional wrestling, in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match, for a title shot of their choosing, any time, any place.

Eric Young enters the gauntlet in the disadvantageous #1 spot. He will start the match against Joe Hendry, who is competing in IMPACT for the first time since 2018. Steve Maclin is the third entrant. Hendry gets Caught in the Crosshairs, as Maclin and Young form a temporary alliance.

Rich Swann is out next, as he takes out Steve and Eric with a double handspring cutter, then soars with a pair of 450 Splashes. Joe puts his power on display, as PCO is next to enter the gauntlet. Savannah Evans enters next.

Perfect Creation One delivers a leg drop to the back of Hendry’s head. Evans squares off with the former WWF Tag Team co-champion, but the former Steve Cutler blindsides them both. Johnny Swinger is out next and delivers an impressive powerslam to Savannah. Tasha Steelz enters the match and teams up with her longtime ally. Killer Kelly enters the match, but Steelz dumps both she and Evans over the top for the double elimination.

Former Call Your Shot Gauntlet winner Moose is out next, as he makes two quick eliminations on Hendry and PCO. Sami Callihan is the next entrant, hitting a powerbomb on Maclin, before facing off against his heated rival and fellow former Impact World Heavyweight champion. Knockouts veteran Taylor Wilde is next to enter the match, as she makes her long-awaited IMPACT return, hitting Swann with a Hurricanrana. Gisele Shaw is out next.

Eric’s hooded followers provide a distraction from ringside, allowing Deaner to toss Callihan over the top. WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray makes his shocking return, as the next entrant, lifting Steelz above his head and tossing her over the top. Speaking of hardcore legends, Tommy Dreamer is out next, followed by Rhino. There’s a hardcore reunion between the ECW Originals. Swinger tries to get in on it, but gets eliminated for his trouble.

Bhupinder Gujjar is the next entrant. Dreamer's eliminated, as Gujjar hits a pop-up powerslam on Rich. Heath is next to enter the gauntlet, as he delivers a trio of Wake Up Calls to Moose, Young and Swann, then reunited with his Man-Beast friend. Bobby Fish is out next. Matt Cardona is the final competitor in the match, but takes his time entering the gauntlet. The former NFL standout eliminates the Final ECW World Heavyweight champion and his One-Man Rock Band friend. Maclin then throws Moose over the top. Taylor Wilde unites with Bully to deliver the What’s Up.

Cardona then eliminates Wilde and Shaw, before getting clotheslined over the top by Bhupinder, for the elimination. Young takes Gujjar out of the match. Swann superkicks his fellow former Impact World Heavyweight champion on the apron, to send him toppling to the floor.

The final four are Steve Maclin, Rich Swann, Bully Ray and Bobby Fish. Maclin eliminates Swann with a running clothesline, then tosses Bobby over the top. Now the WWE Hall of Famer and the former Steve Cutler will now be battle in a regular one-on-one match, decided by pinfall or submission.

Maclin hits an Olympic Slam for two. Bully Ray connects with the Bully Bomb to win!

~ ~ ~

Eddie Edwards tells his wife Alisha that all of this will end when he defeats Josh Alexander to become the IMPACT World Champion tonight. One of his daughters asks the all-important question, “but what if you don’t win?”

Two of the most intense, unrelenting Knockouts of all time collide, as the undefeated Masha Slamovich challenges Jordynne Grace for the Knockouts World Title!

The bell rings, the fight is on... as both competitors charge towards each other and unleash a flurry of strikes. Slamovich drops Grace on the top of her head and neck, as she drives her into the hardest part of the ring. Jordynne attempts the Grace Driver, but Masha quickly regains control with a double foot stomp. The challenger charges into the corner, but the champion counters into a spinebuster to create some much-needed breathing room.

Both Knockouts are down, following in-sync spinning back fists. Grace hits back to back powerslams, followed by a modified Michinoku Driver for two. Slamovich spikes her with a Canadian Destroyer, but it’s not enough to keep Jordynne down. The champion hits a delayed vertical suplex, then connects with a Jackhammer for another close near fall. Masha locks in a choke, but Grace breaks free, before countering the Snow Plow into the Grace Driver... but somehow, someway, the challenger kicks out at two.

Slamovich hits an Air Raid Crash, followed by the Snow Plow... but Jordynne’s foot is under the bottom rope to break the pin. The Knockouts champion soars with a Grace Driver off the top rope, to win the match and end Masha Slamovich’s undefeated streak!

IMPACT Wrestling returns to pay-per-view on Friday, January 13th with Hard To Kill!

"Walking Weapon" Josh Alexander defends the IMPACT World Title against the leader of Honor No More, Eddie Edwards!

The families of both champion and challenger are sitting in the front row. Edwards gains the early advantage, as he delivers a running boot to Alexander, sending him to the outside. Eddie hits a slingshot crossbody to the floor, then hits a series of chops on the apron. Josh hits his signature running crossbody, but the former American Wolves member comes back with a belly-to-belly suplex moments later. The challenger dives through the ropes, colliding with the champion on the outside.

Edwards rips up the protective floor mats, then spikes the Walking Weapon with a Die Hard Driver into the exposed hardwood.

Eddie rolls Josh back in the ring, but the Walking Weapon has enough wherewithal to kick out at two. The former Impact World Heavyweight champion hits the Backpack Stunner out of the corner, then transitions into a single leg Boston Crab. The current & defending Impact World Heavyweight champion explodes with an Alabama Slam into the corner, giving him an opportunity to regain his composure. Alexander hits a German suplex on the apron and keeps his hands clasped, as he delivers another one on the steel ramp.

Back in the ring, Edwards connects with a thunderous Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Josh plants Eddie with a Styles Clash, then locks in the Ankle Lock. The former Pro Wrestling NOAH GHC champion rolls through and sends him flying to the outside. The challenger hits a Superplex, but the champion counters the follow-up into a C4 Spike. Alexander has the match won, but Matt Taven pulls the referee out of the ring, then knocks him out. Kenny King blindsides Josh with a low blow. Security removes the Honor No More members from ringside.

A second referee makes his way to the ring. Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party, but the Walking Weapon survives as he kicks out at two. The former X Division champion catches him with a mid-air knee strike, then hits the Tiger Driver for yet another near fall. Both men exchange chops in the middle of the ring, with Edwards gaining the upperhand. The challenger spits in the champion’s face, but that only fires him up. "Walking Weapon" Josh Alexander counters the Boston Knee Party from Eddie Edwards, into the C4 Spike to win!

After the match, Honor No More jump the champion from behind. Rich Swann and Heath try to make the save, but immediately fall victim to the numbers game. The music of WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray hits and just when it appears that he’s going to “call his shot” for an IMPACT World Title opportunity, he joins forces with Alexander to take out Honor No More! Bully stares down Josh and hands him the IMPACT World Title, as Bound For Glory goes off the air.

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