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Impact Wrestling Supports Gisele Shaw

From the IMPACT Wrestling website...

Knockout competitor Gisele Shaw has disclosed she's a transgender woman, to the wider public. Shaw, who joined IMPACT’s roster in January of this year, informed them of her decision several months ago & made the disclosure in a series of interviews.

IMPACT Wrestling fully supports Gisele, including connecting her with prominent LGBTQ+ resources, including GLAAD & Athlete Ally, & will continue to support her


Executive Vice-President Scott D'Amore said: “IMPACT Wrestling has been @ the forefront of empowering female performers for over 15 years. Our company believes featuring storylines with women athletes & characters from all different walks of life, can not only entertain, but also inspire.

“Inclusiveness & representation are important to IMPACT & parent company Anthem Sports & Entertainment, but I’ll also add Gisele is in IMPACT Wrestling because of her wrestling ability, her charisma & because she fits in with our roster. She's in IMPACT Wrestling because she’s 1 of the best young talents anywhere in the business.”

Reigning Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace expressed her whole-hearted support for Shaw’s decision. She said: “As her friend, I’m excited for Gisele to be able to inspire people with her story. I know that is important to her. I’m biased, but I think the trans community has a great role-model in her.”

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