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Impressive John Cena WWE Streak in Jeopardy of Ending

If the Doctor of Thuganomics doesn't wrestle a match for the Federation over the final quarter of 2022, one of his many incredible streaks will reach its conclusion.

As pointed out by Sean Ross Sapp of, this year may mark the first calendar year where the Chain Gang Commander doesn't wrestle a single match since his WWE debut. The 16-time World Champion joined the Federation on a developmental contract in 2001 with Ohio Valley Wrestling, and he debuted on the June 27th, 2002 episode of WWE SmackDown in a memorable segment with WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle.

The wrestler-turned-actor works for WWE on a very limited basis these days, but he did manage to squeeze in the odd match even when he stopped wrestling on a full-time basis. John Cena's last televised bout took place at SummerSlam 2021, where he fell to Roman Reigns (a Universal Championship match) in the main event.

And as a gift to you, the great F'n Wrestling fan... a ridiculous picture of the Peacemaker star.

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