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Is CM Punk available soon?

There has been an update regarding when CM Punk will be “available” to rejoin AEW after being away since September 2022. 

The former AEW World Champion hasn’t been seen on AEW television since CM Punk made remarks at the post show media scrum for AEW All Out on September 2022, and the backstage brawl that followed.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer offered his view on the current CM Punk predicament, saying:

“They are lacking in that babyface position something fierce. They had a shot with MJF, obviously they did the double-cross on that. And MJF was great as a heel tonight, but they don’t have ‘the guy’. Punk’s not gonna be the guy either. I know some people might say, ‘Well Punk’s coming back’… Punk may come back. He will be available to come back if they want to use him in a couple of months. It’s not like it’s so far in the future. And of course if they were to bring Punk back, that opens up a lot of other issues that we can talk about another day.”– Dave Meltzer

CM Punk is currently recovering from an injury to his triceps which he suffered at AEW All Out when he recaptured the AEW World Championship.

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