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Jeff Jarrett Says He’s “Sick & Tired Of My Wife Having To Go Through This Pain” Regarding Kurt Angle

Jeff Jarrett has weighed in on his podcast, concerning Max Caster and Kurt angle. He also said he is sick and tired of his wife having to go through this pain concerning the rap made by Max Castor last week, which mentioned her and is believed to have triggered Karen’s tweets.

I’ve kept my mouth shut for 10 or 12 years for two reasons, Kyra Angle and Kody Angle. They’re old enough now. They know the absolute truth, but me stealing Kurt’s wife is the furthest thing from the truth. The fact of the matter is when we hired Kurt Angle, and I say we, me and Dixie Carter, because she’s a part of this story, they were legally separated.
I am sick and tired of my wife having to go through this pain. I’m literally sick of it. Conrad, you know the names. I’m not gonna say the names. I respect that. The past is the past. Look, there’s a lot of disasters, marriages, it happens all the time.

Jarrett continued and promised a receipt for The Acclaimed on this week’s AEW Dynamite, saying Max Vaster has opened a can of worms.

“That’s exactly what happened and in 24 months, she put the company in a financial death spiral, so her power play got her put essentially out of the business,” he continued. “And Vince Russo is absolutely a part of this. Vince’s whole plan was to go along with this. He knew damn well the Kurt and Karen situation. He knew absolutely all of it. He sat on the sideline just like Kurt was, we’re just going to let Jeff get sent home. Guess what, Jeff’s just trying to put his life back together. No, let him sit home because Vince Russo’s plan was, I’ll get Jeff out and I can write the show by myself. Little did he know, Dixie Carter and I was at the original lunch and hired Hulk Hogan, so then Vince Russo had to answer to Hulk and then Eric Bischoff. Bruce Prichard was a part of that equation. The running joke for six months in 2010 was, well, Russo tried to his power play along with Dixie, but look what happened to him now. I’m sick of it, Conrad. I’m absolutely sick of the BS. I am defending my wife. I’m absolutely sick of all the crap. Max Caster, you crossed the line. Pal, you have no idea the kind of worms you’ve opened. A receipt is coming Wednesday, I assure you of that.”

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