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Kurt Angle talks his favourite match

Kurt Angle on Talk Is Jericho discussing his all-time favorite match:

"As crazy as this is, when I did it and I completed it, I didn't think it was that good, but I watched it back and I was like, wow, this is my match. This is the top match of my career. And it was 2003 Royal Rumble for the World Title against Chris Benoit. If you didn't see that match, go back and watch it. Chris Benoit, without a doubt, is the best in-ring performer I've ever been in the ring with. From an in-ring perspective, not across the board like charisma and everything else. Chris Benoit, in the ring, was the absolute best."

When Chris Jericho asked what Kurt loved most about the match, Angle expanded on it:

"The submission trade-offs, the false finishes, the story we told. With Chris, I thought that I was wrestling myself. He was so intense, he matched my intensity. Sometimes, I couldn't match his, that's how intense he was, but he stayed on you and I loved that.
I loved feeling tired, that's what makes me feel good as a wrestler is being exhausted because that's what I did in the Olympics, I did exhaust training. That's when you train until you're exhausted and that's when the training starts. That's when I'm at my best, when I'm tired. Chris would always get me to that level." - Kurt angle

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