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Logan Paul's Backstage Heat With Ricochet

During the latest edition of his “IMPAULSIVE” podcast, Logan Paul opined on his missed spot with Ricochet near the end of the Men's Money In the Bank match, and whether he gets mad when fans mockingly chant at him.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below...

HOW HE'S FEELING AFTER the PPV: “Guys, I’m a little tired. We’re in London, I literally just got done doing Money in the Bank. I’m a little beat up. Money in the Bank ruined my life, I lost, and I’m a wanker, I guess. These fans go so hard. They have no respect for what I do. I’m sacrificing my body out there. I jumped onto Damian Priest on a ladder, frog-splashed him and bounced off this human like a trampoline. I felt his rib cage crush under the weight of my 60-inch box jump. They started chanting, ‘You still suck. You still suck.”

IF HE GETS MAD FOR FANS MOCKING HIM: “I don’t. I think they’re having fun. I think they’re having fun making fun of me, and that makes me have fun.”

"THAT SPOT" WITH RICOCHET: “There was a botched move with a dangerous landing. I walked away this time relatively unscathed. I got some scrapes and bruises, but no major tweaks or pulls. But Ricochet and I were supposed to do what’s called a Spanish fly off the top rope. So one of our legs is on the rope, one of our legs is on the ladder, and we are supposed to hit it at the same time. When he hit that rope, it was before me. So he moved it, so I slipped down, all the way to the bottom.

“Keep in mind, I’m a noob, I don’t really know what I’m doing out there. So when stuff goes wrong, I don’t really know how to improv. So in my head, I’m like, ‘This is f**ked. We f**ked this up. How are we gonna do this? Is he even gonna do this?’ Our legs are all twisted like this. I’m looking at him like, ‘Oh, this motherf**ker is still trying to send this sh*t.’ I’m not even ready, his feet aren’t even planted off the second rope, just hucks a backup. I’m like, alright. Went crashing through the tables, scraped my shoulder, I hit my head on the thing. I’m fine, no concussions or anything. It’s just a wild sport. I don’t know what I’m doing.”

The BACKSTAGE BRAWL AFTERWARDS: “I’m gonna be honest, he blew the f**king match for me. That’s why we got into it backstage. I got into a little tussle with him. I felt like he was a little unprofessional.”

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