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Look Who's Ucey to Continue With the Mandalorian

Recently, former WWE star Sasha Banks made the switch to NJPW under a new ring name.

"I am Mercedes Monè. I am the CEO of New Japan {Pro Wrestling} and Stardom's women's division, and this is only just my first stop because I'm on a world domination tour," Monè recently announced. "I know everybody is so jealous of Japan. You guys are so lucky to have me first."

In addition to her successful wrestling career, she also made her Star Wars debut in The Mandalorian as Koska Reeves, another Mandalorian who was a member of the Nite Owls, led by Bo-Katan Kryze {played by Katee Sackhoff}. During a recent chat with TV Insider, Monè talked about wanting to return to the franchise.

"Besides freakin' Star Wars, I would love to be in a movie," Mercedes explained when asked what would be her dream role. "I would love to put Koska Reeves in a Mandalorian movie. That would be incredible. I would love to be in any type of series like Fast & Furious, anything my brother would like. He likes action movies." She added of her Star Wars experience, "I can't believe I'm in two of the greatest universes ever. Wrestling universe and Star Wars universe have the craziest and best fans of all time."

Why Did Sasha Banks Leave WWE?

"They were hitting just as hard as the men, having these 30-minute long five-star matches," Monè reflected on watching Joshi {Japanese female wrestlers} growing up. "I was so amazed by them that Japan became my number one goal even before WWE. I managed to achieve what I wanted to achieve in WWE, and now I get to live out this international dream."

Mercedes wrestled under the name Sasha Banks for a decade, and while she expected her fans would follow her to Japan, she did admit that she was surprised by how quickly people have taken to her new name.

"It's cool to see how quick it was, the turnaround to go from another name and character I've done for ten years to now be Mercedes Monè, and to see that instantly trend. Just people obviously caring and wanting to see my match with KAIRI was cool. For it to sell out, with that match being the only thing announced at that time, was amazing. I know my fans always love and support me, so I knew it was going to do well, but it was kind of a shock to see how quickly it went that well."

What's Next for Her?

Mercedes' new career move is prompting questions about her future. She recently had a huge match against KAIRI, which led to her winning the IWGP Women's Championship. Like many wrestlers, Moné has acting aspirations outside of the ring.

"To have not one, but six Star Wars of myself and was only in one season thus far. I don't know. It's still surreal," she said, when asked about having her own action figure. "The next season I can't wait to watch as a fan," she added.

What's Coming in The Mandalorian Season 3?

While fans did get to see Mando and Grogu return in the Book of Boba Fett last year, fans can't wait to see the duo back together in their own series. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly on the Dagobah Dispatch Podcast (via The Direct) executive producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni teased Mando's future and his shot at redemption in the upcoming season.

"Well, we established in The Book of Boba Fett that there was an opportunity for The Mandalorian to be redeemed because he had transgressed against the Creed by removing his helmet," Favreau explained. "And among his group of Mandalorians, that is something that's not permitted. Now, we know that there are other groups of Mandalorians where they have different sets of rules. In The Clone Wars, we saw with Dave and also with the character that I voiced that the Mandalorians are very different there. And so these different groups are coming together and we're going to figure out... the Nexus point for all of those communities, of course, is their homeworld from which they're exiled, which is Mandalore."

Will Din Djarin rule over all of Mandalore, with his Darksabre? We'll have to wait and see, as Star Wars: The Mandalorian returns to Disney+ on March 1st.

And with a none-too-subtle reminder of who this article was about...!


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