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Malcolm Bivens, And Candice LeRae AEW bound?

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has an update on possible plans for both Malcolm Bivens and Candice LeRae, both of whom left WWE recently. Bivens was released last month, while LeRae’s contract expired last week. The belief in NXT was that Bivens did not sign a new deal with the company because he wanted to go to AEW. It’s believed that he will be there when his non-compete ends on May 29.

“In NXT, the belief was that Bivens didn’t sign because he wanted to go to AEW and will be there when his noncompete ends. Whether that’s true or not, that was the belief” -WON

Much like the aforementioned Bivens, LeRae’s future may also lie with AEW, with the Observer reporting that she is though highly of by those in power within the company.

“While we don’t know Tony Khan’s thoughts on the matter, it is obvious that there are people in power at AEW who would want her in the company.” -WON

Meanwhile, while it’s unknown how Tony Khan feels about it, there is said to be some interest in LeRae in AEW. There are people in power in the company who would want her there. She’s worked with The Young Bucks in the past, including matches against them in PWG. There is no non-compete for her since her deal expired, so if there is interest she would be free to show up any time.

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