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Mercedes Martinez Opens Up About The Big Differences Between WWE & AEW

Photo Credit: AEW

Its hard to belive that ROH Women’s World Champion Mercedes Martinez has been in the wrestling business 22 years. The women’s wrestling veteran has wrestled in the indies, WWE, and now is involved with AEW through the company’s partnership/ownership of Ring of Honor. With her various experiences, Martinez has seen many locker rooms and detailed some of the differences between her former and present employers. Talking with the Complex Unsanctioned podcast, Martinez discussed the creative freedom that she has in AEW, as opposed to her time in WWE, as well as “how accessible Tony Khan is.”

Mercedes said:

“I can text him, I can message him whenever I want,” Mercedes said of the AEW President. “If I have ideas or anything, he’s as accessible as he can be.”

Mercedes also noted that Khan “is a busy man,” but the fact that he is usually responsive and available to talent, “that’s a big difference going from WWE to here.” Mercedes says that Khan’s responsiveness is good for people in a creative field, as “you want to have input.” “He’s the boss, he’s the man, he’s the one that makes the decisions, and the fact that he listens to you and your concerns and whatever you have for creative, [it’s great].” Martinez cited that there are “many moving parts” in the AEW process but Khan being the boss and being an open ear is “a big thing

“I love that creative freedom you have to tell your story where you see fit.” Martinez also lauded the AEW women’s locker room, saying that “90% of the locker room” is familiar faces for the well-traveled wrestler. “I know them from the indies and them from other locker rooms, and it’s kinda like a big family.” Martinez notes “squabbles” amongst the locker room, but that there’s a shared sense of purpose, as “at the end of the day, everyone’s there to make sure the women’s division is the best that it can be under restrictions that we have, we try to do our best as best as we can.”

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