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Music Mayhem Monday... Labor Day Edition

Welcome homeboys, homegirls and homies everywhere. It's ya boy... The JFB with another installment of Music Mayhem Monday. I'm sitting at the pool writing this and when I was wondering what I would pick for this week's installment, it had to be something that everyone would hear and instantly be jettisoned to their past... back when WWE was biting at the heels of WCW and eventually would overtake them.

WCW had the hottest property and faction in the nWo and WWE needed to have ammunition to take them on head to head. While Stone Cold was over... they needed a faction. A group that could take on WCW and nWo head to head and they found it in two Kliq members in Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

That moment when the 'Are You Ready?' hits and the small guitar riffs build and til you hear 'BREAK IT DOWN', its 100 percent anticipation. You knew you were in for a wild ride with these two and their bodyguard, the amazingly beautiful and talented Chyna. It was instant lightning in a bottle with these two and their theme song give them a third dimension. Every great wrestler and faction had that theme song that made them complete and this was of course one of them. No matter how many crotch chops and shenanigans they would get into, if they had a horrible theme song, it wouldn't feel the same.

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