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New Tag team belts to debut at Supercard of Honor

Speaking to Tim and Eli on Battleground, Tony Khan discussed how it was decided to pay tribute to Jay and find new champions.

"We were talking about ideas to pay tribute to the late, great Jamin Pugh, Jay Briscoe. So many of us loved Jay Briscoe, he's beloved in the locker room and there are wrestling fans all over the world that loved him. We wanted to pay tribute to him in Ring of Honor with something special and of all the ideas I heard, this was by far the best idea. It came from somebody who liked him a lot and wanted to contribute a good idea. It's really something that, Mark Briscoe thought it was a great idea, and that was important to me too. Having his opinion and having his buy in to this made all the difference in the world. It'll be new belts, we retired the old design,"

-Tony Khan

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