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Rampage review: May 20, 2022

This is Rampage baby!

This week's episode kicked off with the House of Black vs Fuego del sol and Evil Uno and 10 from the Dark Order. The House of Black are great, I don’t want trios title, I personally would rather see the tag belts defended in trios matches but since apparently, they have already made them, I hope the H.O.B wins them and holds them awhile. The Dark Order is so underrated as a whole, I always enjoy seeing them on TV. I enjoyed this match, the winner was never in doubt, but I still enjoyed the match and that’s all that matters at the end of the day. Everyone came out of this match with their stock raised and progressed the Death Triangle feud.

Winner: House of Black


Next was an A$$claimed promo.


After commercial FTR responded to Roppongi Vice.


Next was Shawn Spears vs “A Giant.” I still think he has one of the best entrances in AEW. BIG DAMO is #ALLELITE I hope he brings in Eric Young. I really enjoyed this match. I like both these guys. After the match Shawn Spears cut a good promo.

Winner: Shawn Spears


Next was an Undisputed Elite promo backstage.


Next was Red Velvet vs Kris Statlander. I’ve never been a Red Velvet fan, but I like her more as a heel. Ruby Soho was on commentary which was great. Stat is crazy strong this was a good match. If you aren't a fan of either of these ladies check this match out and you might be after. Baddie section jumped Kris after the match and Ruby got the smoke too. Anna Jay returned to make the save.

Winner: Kris Buttlander


Next was a video package for the Hookhausen vs Tony Nese and “Smart” Mark Sterling match on the Buy in.


Next was a Men of the year promo. They killed it of course then things took a harsh turn for the worst. The Great Value Jeff and Bridgette from Total Drama Island broke the TNT belt and then started smacking face like usual. The only time I liked Sammy was the Inner Circle because Jericho could do most of the talking but it isn't heel heat for me. I just think he is a cringe promo but is much better as a heel. A former 3-time TNT Champion shouldn’t be destroying a belt heel or not. It makes the championship feel like nothing.


After was a backstage promo with Britt Baker and Toni Storm. Both are great wrestlers and promos.


Next was the Main Event.

Blackpool Combat Club vs Matt Sydal and Dante Martin. I love Matt Sydal and he isn't bad at promo’s but having Danielson and Moxley go after him just made him look as bad as Dante is on the mic.


Next Jade Cargill challenged Anna Jay to a match at Double or Nothing. Good promo for Jade.


Next was the Main event. Commentary for this match was everything I hoped for. The BCC attacked their opponents before the bell like usual and they put on a fun main event. Everyone got their spots in and even though Dante isn't a great promo, he makes up for it with his selling. Dante was the star of this match and it's good to see he isn't getting lost in the shuffle after his brother got hurt again. Great match. People forget how talented Matt Sydal really is and I like these guys as a team, but I hope Dante eventually joins the BCC or he is influenced by them in some way. The Blackpool Combat Club is the best thing in wrestling right now. A brawl broke out after the bell with The BCC and the JAS. I like the story progression but the same show ending twice in the same week waters it down a little.

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club


This card was a good example of under promise and over deliver. I didn’t expect much from the show tonight, but I enjoyed it a lot more than anticipated. I hope you guys enjoyed the show too. This week's show gets


Remember to like the review but most importantly, remember to love wrestling.

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