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Raw review: 6/13/2022

This weeks episode of RAW began with Miz TV with Paul Heyman as his guest. I’m always down for the Miz. I like that Paul wanted to do his own introduction. They got interrupted by Riddle and this was fun but this segment didn’t accomplish much. But I enjoyed it. This segment set up a match between Jimmy Audi and Montez Ford.


This was a fine match but Montez Ford should’ve won. I like the Street Profits but If they choose to split them up Montez Ford can be a singles star.

Winner: Jimmy Uso


Next was a backstage interview with Seth Rollins. Kevin Patrick sat like further back in the frame to make Seth look bigger and I would’ve loved this if like Seth acknowledged it. That would’ve been funny but it was just weird. The promo was good though, he got laid out by AJ Styles to end the segment setting up a match.


Next was a 24/7 championship match I guess. © Dana Brooke vs Becky Lynch and this was fine. Dana’s not bad and Becky Lynch came out with a chip on her shoulder. This wasn’t much of a match it was more of an angle. I like that she didn’t care about the 24/7 title cuz like she shouldn’t. Asuka made the save and I still don’t like there presentation of her, but Asuka rocks. Alexa Bliss came out for her match and teased a match with Becky down the line.

Winner: N/A


Alexa and Liv vs Nikki and Doudrop was next. This was fine there Wasn’t much to this. It was a standard tag and a little weird it was a MITB qualifier. I was entertained though despite the entrances being longer than the match.

Winner: Alexa and Liv


Next the match of the night. Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles. This is by far my favorite Seth Rollins the Messiah/Drip God is amazing every week. AJ Styles is arguably still the best wrestler in the world today. AJ better my positioned as a top face is good, he’s more then talented enough and has proven he can be the top guy on a brand, baby face or heel. AJ sold his left knee through the match and Rollins stole the win with a roll up. Fantastic match. Should’ve been the main event. You should watch it if you haven’t .

Winner: Rollins


Riddle vs Ciampa was next with the Miz on commentary. I wish they’d treat him like the big deal he is. I enjoyed this match. I can see how it wouldn’t be others taste. The crowd really hurt this match but when WWE tells us he isn’t a big deal we won’t think he’s a big deal. The winner of this match was never in doubt but I’m just happy to see Ciampa on TV. This was genuinely a great match. Under different circumstances I’d give it a perfect rating.

Winner: Riddle


Bianca Belair was interviewed by Kevin Patrick next in the ring. They talked about Rhea Ripley and then Rhea Ripley interrupted from backstage. Bianca is great I honestly don’t care who wins at MITB and I mean that in a Good way.


Austin Theory had a backstage interview next. I cringed a lot but I guess that was the point. Then was the pose off. This was dumb. I don’t care for this. I was excited for the MITB match between him and Lashley but now I care about the match less. This should never main event anything.


The first two hours of this show was good but once again the final hour was trash filler except for the Ciampa and Riddle which was entertaining filler. The first few matches saved this episode. This weeks episode of RAW gets 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

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