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Raw review: June 6, 2022

Cody Rhodes kicked off the RAW after Hell in a Cell with a great promo. Seth interrupted and shook his hand. When Cody got to the ramp she looked at the cries he was ambushed from behind By Seth Rollins with a sledgehammer. This was a great segment but if Cody is gonna have another batch with Seth when he comes back wouldn’t it make more sense to give Seth the win because it protects both guys? It’s not a huge deal cuz he’s Seth Rollins but Cody is out for now either way. I thought this would’ve been a fine place to end it but I said that after the 2nd match. I genuinely love the way Seth dresses.


After commercial was Becky Lynch vs Dana Brooke? What? They’re jobbing out Dana Brooke like that now? Dude that’s tough she had a Mania match on the main card like last year. So there was a 24/7 title change..that’s bad. Then Asuka distracted Becky and Dana got a roll up near fall. Dana Brooke won outta nowhere off of Asuka holding her feet down. Other than the 24/7 stuff this was fine.

Winner: Dana Brooke


After the break was Miz TV. It’s always great seeing Mr. Mizanin and he cut a good promo like always. Did you know that Miz And Mrs had a 2 episode premiere after RAW…I frickin did. Maryse tried her best but she looked great I guess. Miz recovered and then the segment was interrupted by Riddle.I like that Riddles character has experienced growth. I like Riddle showing his more serious side. He challenged Miz to a match and he declined. Then Ciampa attacked Riddle from behind and Miz accepted the match.


The match was good for what it was. Miz looked like Jerry Seinfeld in the pirate shirt a little bit but it’s ok. Miz tried to hit Riddle with his wife’s purse and It backfired. Riddle won with an RKO.

Winner: Riddle


Next was Street Profits vs Usos. I still think beating the champions to earn a title match is a dumb premise but this was a fun match with a disappointing count out finish. BUT it did set up the tag championship match without pinning anyone so.

Winners: Street Profits


Next was a promo with Theory and Lashley. The crowd was like dead during this entire segment basically. They set up a U.S title feud for Money In the Bank. That will be a good win for Theory before he hopefully wrestles John Cena at Sunmerslam.


Next was the Judgment Day announcing their new member. Finn Balor was introduced as the new member but THEN they kicked out Edge. What the shit? Already dude, you couldn’t hold off until Summerslam atleast. They put edge through a table and now the group is Led by Finn, or Damien I’m not sure.


Next was the womens number one contender fatal four way, between Rhea, Alexa Bliss, Piper Nevin, and Liv Morgan. This match was a fun main event and teased Alexa bliss and Liv Morgan teaming up which is cool. They faced off towards the end and had a great exchange. They did the trading roll ups spot really well. Alexa bliss and Nikki Cross called back to their history with a double down spot on the outside. This was just a good match and the right women for sure won. A very impressive riptide gets Rhea the win.

Winner: Rhea Ripley


This weeks episode had its ups and a downs but overall it was a strong 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

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