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Road Dogg Addresses Sasha Banks And Naomi’s WWE Walkout

Photo Credit: WWE

Road Dogg Brian James sees both sides of the coin when it comes to the Sasha Banks and Naomi walkout. On the latest episode of the “Oh, You Didn’t Know” podcast, James and co-host Ryan Katz held a special “Ask Dogg Anything” episode, and one of the questions that got brought up was in regards to Banks and Naomi. James talked about being on “Busted Open Radio” and initially thinking that the whole situation was a work.

“The reason I thought it was a work is cause they were talking about it so much on TV. Well, then I find out it’s not a work and they’re suspending them, and they’re talking horrible about them on TV … I think they did the same thing when Stone Cold left, but I don’t think it’s beneficial for anybody.”

James then goes on to state that the company would never put a wrestler in a bad position to bury themselves, but some of it just falls on having an ego. James also states that it’s a matter of perspective – you’re getting paid well to wrestle and do what’s instructed. He makes note that he gets flack for saying that at times, and wrestling has been his life’s work, but framing it in that manner does wonders for your thought process. Katz plays devil’s advocate and does say the situation for the wrestler can always be better, and James agrees.

“100%. There could always be more, and that’s not in wrestling booking and writing, that’s in life. ‘I can always do better,’ and you’re right, but life happens, man, and situations occur where we had some time with Vince and all we had time to talk about was John Cena or Roman Reigns, and we didn’t get to talk about that,” he said.

James has had his own share of walkouts with WWE. Back in 1995, both he and Jeff Jarrett walked out following the news that they’d be breaking their “Roadie and Double J” alliance up earlier than expected. James also had a situation where he felt it necessary to leave due early due to his wife being in the hospital, and in hindsight, he realized he was in the wrong for leaving in that manner.

“I’ve been exactly where they’ve been, I just know that it doesn’t help. It doesn’t help anything. I would love to know the reason why they put their titles up and walked out,” he said.

“If you came and told me that they were not getting paid what they should be getting paid, I support them 100%, but if it was a creative decision that they were not happy with,” Dogg said before Katz chimed in with “You gotta put that aside and do business.”

“You have to. It’s business, man. Nobody’s really beating you [competitively], if that’s what you gotta tell yourself.”

Courtesy of Wrestling Inc

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