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Sasha Banks and Naomi set to return to the WWE

After nearly three months since walking out on Monday Night Raw, it appears Sasha Banks and Naomi will be returning to the WWE. As reported earlier by WrestlingNews.CO, an agreement has been reached and fans could see the two return as early as tonight.

Sasha and Naomi made waves in the industry when they departed the WWE back in May, claiming dissatisfaction with the creative direction the company was moving in and how they were being treated backstage.

Dave Meltzer commented recently on the Sports Illustrated Media podcast that the WWE was trying to bring the duo back into the fold.

“It’s kind of up in the air. I mean, they’re gone. The last I heard was that there would be attempts to be made to reconcile, especially with Vince gone,” Meltzer said. “So, it’s up in the air. I don’t think there’s anything definite just yet.”

However, with Vince McMahon no longer the head of the WWE and Paul LeVesque now in charge of the company's creative department, it is likely that a deal more favorable to Sasha and Naomi has been reached and prompted their return.

Others have spoken out about the culture at the WWE, most notably CM Punk in a recent interview at the San Diego Comic-Con, where he criticized the company's internal structure and how they dealt with the situation on-air.

Do you think we will see Sasha Banks and Naomi tonight on Raw? More updates to come as the story develops.




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