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Superfan Kicked Out of Wrestlemania

A diehard wrestling fan didn’t enjoy the second night of Wrestlemania 39 as much as his fellow fans after he was kicked out of the stadium for cosplaying as a wrestling legend.

Kevin Hunsperger, an author and pro-wrestling ring announcer, took to TikTok to share his experience with one very strict security guard who said the fan was “impersonating a law officer.”

“I got kicked out of SOFI Stadium on night two of Wrestlemania all because I was dressed like the legendary Big Boss Man,” Hunsperger claimed.

WWE Hall of Famer Big Boss Man, whose real name was Ray Washington Traylor Junior, was a WWF wrestler from the 1980’s to the early 2000’s that dressed as a corrections officer, a nod to Traylor’s pre-wrestling career.

The WWE Hall of Famer routinely wore his corrections uniform with a nightstick in tow.

Hunsperger said he attended both nights of the annual WWE event, which was based in Los Angeles this year, dressed as the Hall of Famer while his friend cosplayed as The Mountie,”which consisted of a traditional red Canadian mountie jacket and hat.

“Night one no problems at all, but night two a security guard got in my face just as we walked through the gates,” Kevin recalled. “And told me that because I had a patch from a sheriff’s department, which was from Georgia, on my sleeve, that I couldn’t come in.”

The superfan quickly tore the department badge off and thought all was right again, but the uptight security guard had other things in mind.

“That wasn’t good enough,” he said in the video. “The man stayed in my face and told me that I had to take the shirt off despite others: security guards, workers, fans telling him I was in cosplay, even had “Big Boss Man” across my chest.”

After others tried to intervene in the bizarre situation, Hunsperger was asked to leave even though he had many threatening props aside from the patch.

“The security guard would not have it and made me leave, even with my foam nightstick, which people are walking in there with metal belts and all that stuff, they got in no problem at all,” he added.

Kevin wasn’t so lucky as he was punished for “impersonating a police officer,” his sentence… a quick costume change in the parking lot.

“I was made to serve hard time, at least for a couple of minutes, when I changed into a ‘Big Boss Man’ t-shirt and came in and enjoyed the show,” he concluded.

Hunsperger took to Instagram to share a photo of the wardrobe change.

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