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This Day in Wrestling History

Wrestling just got a little more extreme 27 years ago as Eastern Championship Wrestling swerved the entire wrestling community by dropping Eastern and becoming Extreme Championship Wrestling.

While promoting the NWA after Jim Crockett lost WCW to Turner Broadcasting, Crockett went to Tod Gordon and his promotion Eastern Championship Wrestling to revive the NWA. President of the NWA, Dennis Coralluzzo, personally overlooked and made sure that the tournament to crown the heavyweight champion would go on without a hitch as Coralluzzo didn't trust Crockett and Gordon.

The tournament went according to plan as 2 Cold Scorpio and Shane Douglas in the finals and Shane would go over as the champ. That's when Douglas, who had issues with Coralluzzo in the past based on him not booking Douglas in matches within the NWA, took the NWA Heavyweight Championship and dropped it in the trash, saying he would only be recognized as the ECW Heavyweight Champion and that the E stood for Extreme and history was made.

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