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TK Confirms AEW will host Men’s And Women’s Owen Hart Cup Tournaments!

TK has finally shared some new details on the highly-anticipated Owen Hart Cup tournament.

TK appeared on Friday’s episode of Busted Open Radio and revealed that All Elite Wrestling will be hosting two separate tournaments in honor of the late Owen Hart. TK shared that there will be two tournaments, a men’s and women’s tournament.

Here’s what TK had to say about the tournament’s

“I’m excited tonight to announce the when and the where for the Owen Hart Cup, but for the first time I’ll say it — there will be singles [wrestlers] tournaments, there will be two tournaments. There’s going to be a men’s Owen Hart Cup winner and a women’s Owen Hart Cup winner, and that’s the first time I’ve ever announced that.

It’s great, I talked to Dr. Martha Hart and she hasn’t followed wrestling that closely, but from afar she knows that there’s been huge, huge developments and so many great women’s stars have emerged in the last 20-plus years, and really, now it’s such a huge part of wrestling and there’s more great women’s wrestling than there was 20-years-ago-plus when Owen Hart was an active competitor.

So I told Martha I think it would be really great for the fans, it would be tremendous if we had two Cups; a men’s winner and a women’s winner, and Martha thought that was tremendous.

TK also said that AEW will announce more details on the location and timeframe of the tournament on tonight’s episode of Rampage.

(Gary Joe -AEW are you elite facebook page)

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