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Tony Khan Comments On John Morrison’s AEW Debut

Johnny Elite made his AEW debut this past Wednesday but the fans of the former WWE star were disappointed after we didn’t get that Johnny Elite is all Elite picture on AEW social media . Tony Kahn would talk about Johnny Elites debut on Busted Open, he would say it was great having him in AEW and commented on him being a great mentor to the younger wrestlers.

“It was great to have Johnny Elite here. What a great match-up he had with Samoa Joe. It was a great way to make his debut in the Owen. That was tremendous, and really, I am very glad he was here. He’s a great mentor to some of the young wrestlers in the locker room and somebody I think fans have looked up to for a long time, and he went toe-to-toe with one of the toughest wrestlers in AEW.” -Tony Khan

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