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Tony Schiavone has been involved with some of the biggest wrestling promotions in the world but vows not to allow Tony Khan to make the same mistakes as Crockett promotions did all those years ago.

Schiavone made his start with Jim Crockett Promotions back in 1983. In the promotion, he broke into the broadcasting side of the wrestling industry and began a nearly 40-year career.

Tony was a guest on What Happened When, the AEW color commentator spoke on Jim Crockett Promotion’s habit of false finishes.

“You have the fans invested in this match, the match moves along, and all of a sudden, ope, we’re gone. What the hell? It’s like, ‘bases loaded, bottom of the ninth, we’re gonna win the World Series…but we have to go to the Mary Tyler Moore Show.”

Schiavone continued, boldly claiming that Tony Khan would never make the same mistakes that led to Jim Crockett Promotions falling apart.

“We’ve talked a lot about the cracks in Jim Crockett Promotions, the sale of UWF, Dusty (Rhodes) booking himself over in the Bunkhouse Stampede, guys not showing up for bookings, and going off TV without showing finishes.

That all, mixed into the pot, is the reason we failed. I don’t think you’ll ever see Tony Khan book a show where he goes off without a finish.” (H/T: WrestleTalk)

AEW has seemingly suffered from a slew of internal issues over the past few months, most notably the “Brawl Out” between CM Punk and The Elite. In a previous interview, Tony Schiavone harshly slammed reports about the perceived internal struggles.

Photo Credit: AEW

Courtesy of Dirtsheets

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