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Trios Belts Coming To AEW

The AEW Trios division is just as hot as the tag division. Now AEW will be introducing new titles to win.

“Trios title belts have been made so now it’s just a matter of when they pull the trigger. Tony Khan was asked about making trios titles and gave the indication a few months ago what it was happening,but that they didn’t want to do the tournament until Kenny Omega was back”

-WON Dave Meltzer

There are many teams who can potentially become the inaugural Trios Champs. Teams like Death Triangle, House of Black, Jurassic Express & Christian, Young Bucks & Omega, BCC, reDragon and Adam Cole baybay, Butcher & Blade & Angelico, and a many other combinations. Can’t wait for Omega’s return so these titles can be introduced!

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