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Update On Randy Orton's Back Injury

Fightful Select is reporting that Randy Orton underwent surgery to fuse his lower back; a procedure that would keep the multi-time world champion out of action for a significant period. Sources close to Fightful said that the company would be lucky to have Orton back after the injury, considering the severity of the injury and the length of Orton's career. Dave Meltzer talked about Randy Oron’s back fusion surgery. Meltzer revealed that Randy Orton underwent the surgery on November 14th.

He had back fusion surgery a couple of weeks ago. The 14th was the date. Yeah, you know, the thing is he’s been out for months, and evidently, the fact was that he didn’t get the surgery right away which probably means he thought he could rehab it with rest, and I remember hearing that, man, it was I did hear a little scuttlebutt about how it’s not healing well, and I think that, you know there was definitely concern a month or so ago, and now he had the surgery you know, back injuries and back surgeries are weird, because you often hear about people saying it doesn’t help. Sometimes it does, but often you hear that it doesn’t help, and so hopefully the best for him. Randy is, you know, always preaching working safe, you know and does work a safer style than most, but the key is in this business nothing is safe. -Dave Meltzer

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