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Was That Chris Jericho on "the Masked Singer"!?

There's no way to know for sure if it's the Uberstar of Jerichlean Proportions under the Bride costume, but the wrestling community is almost 100% certain that the master of reinvention is under the outfit and it should be revealed in short order that the All Elite Wrestling star took part in the extremely popular singing contest show.

The Ocho is no stranger to signing or celebrity shows. He sang once with Lee Ann Womack on Celebrity Duets, he was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars, and he's showcased his entertainment chops on a number of different platforms. He typically doesn't get very far and it's likely he'll be among the early contestants voted off of the program {it's during that episode that he'll be revealed} but the ROH World Heavyweight Champion's absence from AEW programming makes some sense, if he was busy taking part in this show.

Okay, #BrideMask... we'll shut up and dance with you! 😆 #TheMaskedSinger @maskverse

~ The Masked Singer (@MaskedSingerFOX) November 9, 2022

The voice is unmistakable for wrestling fans, but there's no doubt the average person mightn't have a clue who this is. In fact, many average viewers of The Masked Singer might not know Jericho well, even after the reveal. Unless they've watched Dancing with the Stars, he's not a household name, even if wrestling and All Elite Wrestling fans would assume most people should easily pluck out his voice from the crowd.

Still, wrestling fans are sharing this video clip offered by the show and almost all are sold this is the Inaugural AEW World Heavyweight Champion. What's funny is that he's pretending to have a British accent while signing, to throw off those who might recognize him right away.

Jericho Never Fails To Market Himself

Whether you think this performance is good or horrible, one thing is obvious: Chris Jericho loves entertaining the fans. This will be big exposure for AEW and on a major network, so he's doing his job: getting out there and marketing himself and the company he works for. He's got a lot of energy... we should give him that.

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