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Who Should Be the Next NXT Women's Champion?

With Mandy Rose as the current NXT Women’s Champion {after unifying it with the NXT UK Women’s Championship at Worlds Collide} she seems untouchable. She has successfully defended the title against a total of 11 different women in combinations of singles matches, triple threats, and a fatal four-way. With that being said, who is left to dethrone Rose as she gets closer and closer to a full year as champion?

With Mandy sitting at 320-days and counting at the top, one would really need to look at the full roster to see who makes the most sense to take the gold off of her. There is so much talent on the 2.0 roster, but there are still so many that need to be built up and very few who could realistically take the title from someone nearing one year as a champion.

So let’s get into this list {all opinion, of course, from a trusted source of Women's Wrestling News!}

If Tiffany Stratton isn’t one of your options, then I'm not sure you've seen how impressive she has been in such a short amount of time. She did have training prior to signing with the Federation, but her athleticism's on another level. She hasn’t been seen since her loss against Wendy Choo in an impressive Lights Out Match a few weeks ago. Despite getting a loss in that match, Stratton’s win/loss ratio is pretty even and Mandy could even play off of the fact that Tiffany lost in her feud with Choo and doesn’t deserve a title shot.

Only thing that would have fans questioning this is both ladies are on the villainous side of NXT 2.0. But that aside, the champion's such a natural tarheel that the challenger would definitely get the cheers for this match.

Wendy Choo will be the first woman on this list that Mandy has already defeated... but won’t be the last. Rose felt that her character may not transfer well over to the main roster, so if she is rebranded when she comes up from NXT then she should at least hold the gold before she does. Much like the next name on this list, Wendy could easily be on the main roster at this point, which shows she is well established enough to hold a title.

On a side note. concerning her gimmick... I have to wonder if some older "Stately Gentleman" in Creative decided "what if we had a woman who was LITERALLY SLEEPING HER WAY TO THE TOP!?" then commenced in slapping his own knee for the next hour or so...!

Alba Fyre may seem like an odd addition to this list. Not because she doesn’t deserve to be champion (obviously), but because she is stifled in NXT. Her current position, despite the change from the Kay Lee Ray character, may remind some of Toni Storm‘s time in Gold & Black Brand. She was just there and to be honest, never needed to be. Alba should maybe have gone right from NXT UK to the main roster, because why does a prior champion who held the gold for as long as she did still need to be in developmental?

Fyre was added to this list because the original author realize that she hasn't faced the NXT Women's champion under the Alba Fyre persona. The past run-ins were her as Kay Lee Ray. And also the fact of her defeating Mandy is a no-brainer.

NXT 2.0 should definitely have a champion that is from the newer crop of talent. Building up the talent, so that they can transfer over to the main roster, should be its goal. However, the story is there. Dana Brooke being upset that her tag team with Mandy was broken up... just for Rose to flourish... practically writes itself.

Plus, with both Dana and the 24/7 Title missing in action and the belt possibly being phased out, this would be a good way for her to get a more respected championship. WWE NXT helped out its Women's champion tremendously over the past year and it could push Brooke to that same level. And Dana doesn’t have to carry it for long. It could be a Dolph Ziggler situation from what happened with the men’s title. Hey, she's not your en-neh-mee!

Roxanne Perez, out of anyone on the roster, should be the one to take the title. Yes, she had a chance before, but thanks to former friend & NXT Women's Tag Team titles co-holder Cora Jade she failed at capturing that gold. Her work outside the Federation speaks for itself and she has done a great job in the short time so far she's been in NXT. She looks to be positioned as the top babyface of the brand and who better to dethrone the tarheel champion?

Perez’s match with Meiko Satomura on the September 6th episode seemed as that stepping stone to get her to the top. Even though she was defeated, she didn't look like a loser from that match.

While the original author was writing up this list, it shows that there is still more development to do with a lot of the roster, as many of them still need to be focused on. Let’s call up some that are overdue to move on from developmental and continue to work with those who still need to connect with the audience.

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