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Why is Kenny Omega more willing to put guys over, than other big names... like say John Cena?

Kenny Omega will always be viewed as an all time great wrestler, even if he does lose to a bunch of people. he doesn't lose all the time so he doesn't lose much steam in the process. Every time Cena has to put someone over, he has to have two matches of him winning, or winning the feud at least. Kenny Omega can be selfish and egotistical in a lot of ways, but that is true with all top guys. But he gives more than most top guys, because when the bell rings, he knows if he puts on the best match, he gets the praise. Even when he loses, and even though he makes his opponent look awesome. That's why he has so many great matches, and I don't mean the opinion of the unmentionable wrestling observer, I mean fans and other non "wrestling observers" in the industry. Kenny Omega is the right balance of ego, and doing business the right way. I hope he returns to AEW soon.

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