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Will Ospreay Talks Heat With Omega

Will Ospreay talks about why he thinks Kenny Omega legitimately doesn’t like him and why he has heat with Kenny.

Will Ospreay was a huge part of the recent collaboration between AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling. At Forbidden Door, he took on Orange Cassidy in what many considered the match of the night. It turns out Ospreay was planned to show up in Tony Khan’s promotion much earlier.

As of late, Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay have had a war of words going on. That beef has a history that dates to The Cleaner’s time with New Japan. In a recent interview, Will seemed to blame Kenny for him not showing up in AEW in 2021.

Speaking to Wrestle Inn, Will Ospreay was asked about Kenny Omega’s recent criticism of his matches. Ospreay said he was supposed to turn up in AEW a year ago. Somebody blocked it, and he thinks it was Omega.

“Even speaking of the AEW things, this is only because I hang around with the boys afterward and we’re all smokin’ and talking and apparently, the rumor was, is I was meant to be [in AEW], like, a year ago. Just doing some “Forbidden Door” stuff. But somebody’s put the block on it.

And it doesn’t take two and two to realize who it is… This whole thing has generated from back in 2019, it was Kenny’s last match and I guess he wanted [Kota] Ibushi out there… and I blew Ibushi’s brains out [in our match earlier in the night]. And he’s, like, super mad at me.”

Kenny Omega has plenty of pull when it comes to backstage politics at AEW.

It’s entirely possible that he did block Will Ospreay from appearing. It could also be at least partially a work to build to an eventual dream match, but only time will tell.

There’s only 3 options here lol

1. These two guys REALLY don’t like each other

2. They are just trying to sell

A future match between the two

3. These two guys REALLY don’t like each other AND they are trying to sell a future match between the two

I think it’s number 3 personally

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