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William Regal Discusses What He Thinks Should Be Cesaro’s Next Move In Wrestling

William Regal made an appearance on The Sessions with Renée Paquette he had discuss a wide range of topics to discuss. One of which came about when, Renee asked him, “what Cesaro should do next?”

“There’s only four people that I have ever gone to Mr. McMahon or to Triple H with whom I have said I put my reputation on. I put my job on the line once for Sasha Banks. She was somebody I went because I knew her, and my first thing on the job was to hire this lady. I said, ‘If it doesn’t work out, you can fire me.’ She’s not one of them. That was a separate thing. I’ve only put my cards for people where I’ve gone and said, ‘Look, I can’t tell you if they’re going to draw you any money, but they are incredible at what they do. They are professional. They will always be there. They will represent the company well, everything that you could want out of a person and two of them were Bryan [Danielson], and Claudio was the second. So that’s how much I think of him. I just think that he needs to do whatever he feels is right for his family. If my words mean anything, again, it’s not about what you think is right or wrong, if nothing else, to have the stabilizing influence of a 100% professional person who everybody can look up to and watch and learn from and learn everything that you could possibly want to be as a professional. He dresses like a star. As a human being, he speaks five languages perfectly. He can represent your company anywhere. That’s before we even get into the ring. If you don’t think that, maybe there’s something wrong somewhere. If I had any clout anywhere, I would sacrifice some of the money from that roster, and this may sound horrible, to get him.”
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