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Wrestlers Drew Swastikas on MJF's Bags in the Indies

AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman has spoken about the antisemitism he faced while competing on the independent scene.

At Full Gear, MJF captured the top prize of All Elite Wrestling from champion Jon Moxley, thanks to an assist from William Regal.

Speaking to Vulture, Maxwell recalled the treatment he faced from some on the independent scene.

“When you’re traveling as a professional wrestler and an athlete and you go to these small towns, you’ll hear people scream out ‘kike. You’ll have wrestlers key your cars and think it’s funny to draw a Nazi symbol on your bags.”

The Jewish wrestler has previously spoken up against antisemitism and recently addressed comments made by Kanye West.

This humble F'n Wrestling author has himself heard a story from Colt Cabana, when he visited my lovely Canadian province of Newfoundland for an independent wrestling show, where the fans referred to the heel wrestler, by an antisemitic slander. The religion of the wrestler it was directed toward was undisclosed, but it's a sure sign of what many call "Casual Racism". I hope all those involved in this incident are in a better place, mentally and spriticually, as such behaviour has no place in our modern world.

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