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WWE NXT QR Code Mystery Has Been Solved

The mysterious QR code clues were finally solved on the 7/19 “WWE NXT 2.0” episode.

For three weeks in a row, a QR code randomly popped up on the screen, prompting fans to scan them to follow the clues. The first clue, which aired on the 7/5 “Great American Bash” special, directed fans to a URL containing the numbers 8:10:11. Seeing as the alpha-numeric code of the message represents HJK, fans speculated that HJK could be the name of a new faction or Superstar. There was also speculation over the numbers revealing the dates for a two-night NXT event on August 10 and August 11.

Thereafter, on the 7/12 episode, a QR code directed fans to a Wordle-type clue. Since the solution to the clue was HAVOC, fans wondered if it was a tease for an upcoming NXT “Haloween Havoc” special.

Finally, on the 7/19 episode, a QR code aired barely minutes before the 20-Woman Battle Royal to determine the No. 1 contender to Mandy Rose’s WWE NXT Women’s Championship. Upon scanning the code, fans were directed to the following video message:

Barely minutes later, Zoey Stark returned to action after a lengthy absence to win the Battle Royal.

Stark tore her ACL/Meniscus during the Scareway to Heaven ladder match at the “Halloween Havoc” special on October 26. That solves the second clue.

As for the first clue, the QR code aired exactly 8 months and 10 days following her injury.

Although Stark was injured on October 26, she was officially written off WWE NXT TV on the November 2 episode of “NXT 2.0” where Toxic Attraction attacked her in the locker room.

WWE has yet to announce the date for the upcoming Stark vs. Rose NXT Women’s Title bout.

Courtesy of Wrestling Inc

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