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WWE removes Sasha Banks & Naomi from wweShop and Facebook

Updated: May 22, 2022

Last Monday Sasha and Naomi turned in their woman's tag championships to John laurinaitis and then left Monday night Raw. tonight on Smackdown they removed Sasha from the intro graphic that opens all WWE shows. Her image used to be next Taker for the Now section. She has been replaced by Cody. Later on in the show it was announced that Naomi and Sasha are no longer women’s tag champs,WWE has also publicly suspended both Sasha and Naomi. Michael Cole Said this to viewers at home "Sasha Banks and Naomi let us all down"

While this also is huge shock they have also both been removed from the WWEShop. When searching for Sasha Banks this appears on the screen

Naomi isn't getting any special treatment either. When you search her name this image spashes across your screen.

FNwrestling will keep you updated as this story further develops.

Update: In addition the company has now removed each superstar’s Facebook page. When you attempt to find them with the Facebook search bar, the official accounts for each woman are nowhere to be located

Naomi alsi has removed “WWE Superstar Naomi #FEELTHEGLOW” from her twitter bio.

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