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WWE Results for Clash At the Castle

As thousands upon thousands of the WWE Universe piled into the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, they were treated to a superb Six-Man Tag Team Match featuring Serious As a Heart Attack (Smackdown's Madcap Moss & Raw's Street Profits {Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins}) against Raw's Too Good To Be All Bad (Theory & Alpha Academy {Chad Gable & Otis})

This past Monday on Raw, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle was saved from a beatdown from Alpha Academy, by The Street Profits. Dawkins and Ford then defeated Otis and Gable, saving The Gold Medalist from joining the insufferable Academy.

Angelo and Chad started the match off hot, with Montez mocking the Alpha Academy Founder after Dawkins left him laying, following a shoulder block. Ford got tagged in & caught in an Ankle Lock, giving the advantage to The Academy and the braggadocios Theory. Montez valiantly fought out of a grounding by Otis and Gable, planting both of them with a double DDT.

After a quick series of tags, Chad hit Angelo with the Rolling German Suplex, nearly earning the victory before Madcap broke up the pinfall. A fired-up Moss blasted the former Heavy Machinery member with a Fallaway Slam that sent the colossal competitor flying to the outside.

In a jaw-dropping moment, Montez flew over the top rope, nailing an Assisted Blockbuster on the former American Alpha member to the outside of the squared circle. With Chad Gable down in the ring, Ford went up high and capped off the match with a From the Heavens Top-Rope Splash, to seal the victory.

The WWE Universe faithful was fired up for this one, loudly reacting to every move and even singing Bayley a delightful tune, which riled up the recently returned Superstar.

The team of RAW Dog in the Fight (Womens' champion Bianca Belair & the Fight in the Dog {Asuka and Alexa Bliss}) had the momentum after emerging victorious against local competitors in a Six-Woman Tag Team Match this past Monday on Raw, whereas Damage Control's Dakota Kai and IYO SKY fell to Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah in the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament Final.

Belair, Asuka and Bliss delivered a triple suplex to all three of their opponents, to light up the crowd... but Bayley’s group cut off the ring on multiple occasions and didn’t allow Bianca to tag in.

When the RAW Women's champion finally got the tag, she was a house on fire, knocking Kai into SKY to send both tumbling to the ringside floor. The Empress of Tomorrow and 5' of Twisted Bliss, with the help of Belair’s back, took out Izzy's Favourite Wrestler by executing a double suplex.

After the RAW Women's champion nearly put away Dakota with the K.O.D., the incredible teamwork of Damage Control again paid off, when IYO got Kai out of harm's way. Bayley then hit the Rose Plant on Belair, and SKY struck with the Over the Moonsault, allowing the former Smackdown Women's champion to pin the Raw Women’s Champion to once again take control for Damage Control.

History was on the line, with echoes reverberating of the superb Intercontinental Title Match between WWE Hall of Famers Bret "Hitman" Hart and "British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith that happened more 30 years ago at the last stadium show held in the United Kingdom, in Wembley. The family of Smith and Hart himself were at ringside, to witness this matchup.

Sheamus had Butch and Ridge Holland with him, but Gunther evened the odds by having the trusty Ludwig Kaiser and the debuting Giovanni Vinci at his side, reforming Imperium from their NXT UK heyday.

Just like a few weeks ago on SmackDown, champion and challenger maintained eye contact, while the others all clashed with each other, in and around the ring. Once the bell rang, however... it was all business, with the two hard-hitting Europeans going blow-for-blow.

Gunther delivered on his promise to chop Sheamus to bits, leaving The Celtic Warrior’s chest scarred with bruises. After all the punishment Ol' Laoch received, he kept bouncing back, repeatedly hitting The Ring General with the Beats of the Bodhran.

With the Intercontinental Championship being the last title Sheamus needed to become a Grand Slam Champion, the challenger poured his heart into this matchup, feeding off the energy that Cardiff, Wales gave him. Even a brutal Powerbomb from the former NXT UK champion couldn’t quell the heart of the former WWE World champion.

To the dismay of many, the champion kicked out of the Celtic Cross, which nearly sealed the deal for the challenger. Another Powerbomb and a wicked lariat finally put Sheamus down as Gunther retained his Intercontinental Championship.

After the match, the former United States & WWE champion received a standing ovation and raised his arms into the air, the WWE Universe appreciating his valiant performance.

The only woman who has pinned Ronda Rousey twice, took on the Baddest Woman on the Planet’s supposed best friend in "Queen of Spades" Shayna Baszler in another test of Liv Morgan’s young Smackdown Women's title reign.

A Kirifuda Clutch right out of the gate nearly caught Morgan by surprise, before she rolled through and into a pinning attempt. Baszler went right for the left arm of the champion, which had been injured by Rousey in Morgan’s title defense at SummerSlam.

Even with the bad arm, Liv showed fight, screaming while kipping up before connecting with double knees to the face.

As the challenger was about to break the former Riott Squad member’s arm, she countered with an armbar, almost capturing the victory in what would be a humiliating way to lose for the challenger. Survival was Liv’s MO for the match, especially when Shayna applied the Kirifuda Clutch on multiple occasions.

Liv Morgan shocked "Queen of Spades" Shayna Baszler with another double knees, capping it off with the Oblivion to once more survive a tremendous SmackDown Women’s Title defense.

Everybody Old Is New Again (WWE Hall of Famer Edge and Rey Mysterio) turned back the clock to 2002, when they teamed up to take on The Judgment Day’s Finn Bálor and Damian Priest.

Though he was perturbed when his father chose the Rated-R Superstar as his partner over his son, Dominik Mysterio was still at ringside. The Ultimate Opportunist wore a mask in his entrance, signifying solidarity with the Biggest Little Man, whilst the electric Cardiff, Wales crowd sang "Metalingus" back to the WWE Hall of Famer.

While Mysterio and Bálor started off the match, the crowd erupted when Priest, after being tagged in, pointed at Edge and goaded him into entering the match. The former Smackdown Tag Team Champions took it to The Judgment Day early, with the former WWE champion assisting his fellow former World champion in a moonsault to the outside.

Damian was disrespectful throughout the contest, spitting at his former mentor. The Ultimate Opportunist was livid after the disrespect, and he hit an Edgecution on the former Punishment Martinez before nailing a 619 on the former Prince Devitt. The WWE Hall of Famer kept up his attack by hitting the former ROH Television champion with a Spear through the ropes.

Dominik proved key during the match, distracting the referee as Finn was about to hit Coup de Grace, doubling down by catching Bálor’s boots as well, leading to a 619 from his father and a Spear by Edge to put away Finn Bálor and The Judgment Day.

After the match, Dominik shocked the UK WWE Universe, as he betrayed the Rated-R Superstar's future generations by savagely kicking him below the belt. Though his father tried to calm him down, Dominik soon responded with a vicious clothesline to his own father. HIS OWN FATHER!!!

In arguably the most heated matchup on the afternoon, Seth “Freakin” Rollins evoked Sir Elton John’s “Rocket Man” as he made his way to the ring to face Matt Riddle.

The Super King of Bros brought the heat early, but was reprimanded by the referee as Riddle got in his face, leaving him reeling after a barricade version of the buckle bomb was executed brilliantly by Rollins.

Much like how the rest of the evening had unfolded, the WWE Universe in Cardiff, Wales was vocal, singing Seth’s theme song throughout the contest. This serenade propelled the Architect to deliver a superplex, but the former RAW Tag Team co-champion countered the follow-up falcon arrow with a wicked fisherman’s buster.

Riddle followed up by hitting a Floating Bro to the outside, a Bro-To-Sleep and a gnarly high knee strike but could only garner a two-count.

Rollins fought back and hit a humiliating Bro Derek on his high........ flying opponent, but Riddle kicked out of what would have been a devastating way to lose.

Seth made the bout increasingly personal, as he continually berated the former UFC fighter, calling him a loser and bringing up his wife. Becky Lynch's Baby Daddy continued the vitriol, by hitting Riddle with an Elevated DDT, before mocking RK-Bro even more with a Randy Orton mat pound.

This was too much for the Super King of Bros, who viciously pounded the Visionary with strikes and even grabbed a steel chair. Rollins moved out of the way, however, when Riddle attempted to smash Seth with the chair while he was draped across the announce table.

"Freakin'" Seth Rollins then caught Matt Riddle with a pair of Stomps to claim the win.

& in the main event, Roman Reigns defended the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Drew McIntyre, who came to the ring to his old Shaman's Harvest theme "Broken Dreams". As the champion went for a Superman Punch, the challenger countered and hit the Future Shock DDT. Reigns applied the Guillotine on McIntyre, who powered out of it.

As Drew performed the Claymore, the Head of the Table inadvertently bumped into the referee, incapacitating him. Austin Theory ran out and attempted to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, but professional boxer and UK native Tyson Fury, who was in the front row, knocked him out. The former TNA World Heavyweight champion hit a second Claymore on the Needle Mover {after he obtained a steel chair} for a nearfall.

As the Undisputed WWE Universal champion hit another Superman Punch, the former NXT champion performed a Spear, following with a third Claymore on Reigns... but NXT's Solo Sikoa, a younger cousin of Roman, pulled the referee outside. The Head of the Table then performed a Spear on Drew McIntyre to retain the title.

Following the match, Fury entered the ring and shook Reigns' hand. He then helped Drew up, in which the two would lead the crowd into some songs... Because Reasons!

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