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WWE Told Kylie Rae They Don’t Have A Spot For Her

Kylie Rae isn’t expecting to step into a WWE ring any time soon, after being told there was not a spot for her at this time.

Rae, who has previously worked in Impact Wrestling, AEW, and the NWA, Rae attended a WWE try-out in late 2022, and wrestled on WWE Main Event in December as Briana Ray.

Speaking on the Going Broadway podcast, Rae said that she was told that WWE has nothing for her right now.

“As far as something long-term, at this point, I got the, ‘not right now’ deal, which is okay. If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. If it’s meant to be, it would have happened. It’s more so, they’re having us still come back for extra work, I was there this past Friday and the Friday before.”

Rae added that to her knowledge, she will not be part of this Saturday’s Women’s Royal Rumble match.

Photo Credit: WWE


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