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A Thank You Letter From FNWRESTLING

Two years ago I started fnwrestling I never would have thought we’d come this far, Three podcasts, A Successful PWTees store. A website is A fun innovative prediction league In AFW. I’m even the voice of Adrian Adonis on Twitter and run his PWTee store. I know that some stuff is because of hard work and some of the stuff just fell in my lap. I also know that fnwrestling is nothing without the people that support it so THANK YOU. I also know I didn’t do this alone Dallas Branham has given me so much more he knows. James Falcon, you took the baton when I couldn’t run any further. Alexander M Haney the PWT store is nowhere without your skill and your art. Liam Wakelin, I am so pleased that you are a part of our team. George Penning you are

the best Disciple and your loyalty is amazing. To people that are no longer a part of Fnwrestling. Thank you for what you've brought. Thank you to Natalia Markova for believing in me and encouraging me to start Fnwrestling you are truly an inspiration. If I didn’t include you know that I appreciate you being a part of the FN everything! -Aaron “Canada Dry” Harder

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