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AEW Rampage: May 6,2022 review.

Updated: May 6, 2022

It's 5:30 Rampage baby!

To start the show Britt Baker D.M.D and Jamie Hayter took on the team of Toni Storm and Ruby Soho. I like all these women but the backstage promos they had leading up to this match were a drag to watch. Toni and Jamie started the match in a preview of their first-round match up. AEW consistently does a good job at opening the show well and tonight was no different.

Both teams worked well together to start the match. If Excalibur ever calls it the “Pittsburgh Sunrise again I’m going to start tuning him out. They botched a takedown but handled it perfectly. This match had a few fun spots and Toni Storm rolled up Hayter for the win. The finish was fine good match overall.


Next Eddie Kingston called commentary and cut a promo on Jericho. I thought it was great, Jericho laughed at what he was saying, and Eddie called him out for it. I thought it was all great.


Tony Nese cut a promo backstage and called out Danhausen. Ok cool? But like I’d rather him call out Hook honestly. I love the idea of HookHausen I’m not like pressed over anything I thought it was a good Tony Nese promo and I’m sure the match or segment will be very entertaining.


After the commercial break was the HBO Max version of me Hook vs JD Drake. Hook is a dreamboat, and we share a similar ring style. He has fun matches and is over like rover, whatever that means. The match was fun. JD Drake is a good sell for a big dude, Hook got his offense in and won with the Red Rum. Danhausen came out after the match and asked Hook to be in his corner for his match with Nese. The camera cut to some dudes with custom HookHausen shirts, and it made me laugh. The crowd started chanting and Hok pushed Danhausen to the ground and saw the chips Danhausen wrapped in a bow and was going to gift him for his birthday. He showed actual emotion and regret when he saw the chips. This segment had me wayyyy to emotionally invested.


Next was Yuka vs Riho and this is as anime as professional wrestling gets ladies and gentlemen. I mean this in the best way possible, both women can WORK. Riho came out in black gear for this match and according to commentary it must be a heel turn, I guess. I’m just being a dick, anyway this match was freaking awesome as everyone knew it would be. It was a slightly unsatisfying finish, but I had a good time.


Up next was a backstage Shawn Spears promo. He talked about being Wardlow’s “accountabilibuddy” and called him superman and had a chair that said “Giant Killer” on it as he walked away. Good promo, worth the watch,


Next was an American Top Team Promo. Dan Lambert cut a heel promo on his hometown, and I thought it was amazing. Ethan Page then ragged on Sammy and Tay and like man I get it and I love Ya Page but stop saying the same things every week, I know you can find more things to target them about. Next Frankie Kazarian cut a great promo and Scorpio Sky followed it up with an arguably better face promo? I like the dynamic of Page and Lambert working heel and Scorpio slowly turning face. This entire segment was great.


After the commercial Ricky Starks and Jungle boy broke out into a fight at the commentary table. Jungle boy beat his ass and held up the FTW title. This segment made Ricky look weak.


Next was your mainnnnnnn event.

Jay Lethal vs Takeshita and I am so happy this is even happening. Kono is my favorite DDT wrestler. This match started with some mat grappling and transitioned into chain wrestling. Then it got hotter and hotter from there. I thought for sure Takeshita had it but once Sonjay stood on the apron, I knew he was kicking out. Best friends made the save after the match and Satnam got his shine with “untraditional” offense. Orange Cassidy and Singh was about to “run it back” from last week until Samoa Joe’s music hit. The closing scene was SatSonJay in the ring and Samoa Joe being restrained by security at the entrance ramp.


This week Rampage was a 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

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