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Backstage Update On Bandido Following His AEW Debut

This past Wednesday, Bandido made his AEW debut on Dynamite when he wrestled Chris Jericho for the ROH World Championship. However, despite losing the match, he came across as a star, blowing away fans with his speed, strength, and in-ring charisma. So, therefore, it seemed inevitable that this mainstream exposure would lead to something big for him. And now Dave Meltzer has reported in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the luchador was offered a full-time AEW contract straight after the match. Nevertheless, it wasn’t confirmed whether he’d signed, but considering the circumstances, it seems likely he will.

Bandido was offered a full-time AEW contract immediately after his performance in the loss to Chris Jericho this past Wednesday on Dynamite" Dave Meltzer

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