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Bret Hart Wants Goldberg *OUT* of the WWE Hall of Fame

There are a number of never-ending beefs in wrestling, but the one fans continue to hear about most is almost definitely the animosity between WWE Hall of Famers Bret "Hitman" Hart and Bill Goldberg.

Ol' Whisker Biscuit hit the Best There Is, the Best There Was & the Best There Ever Will Be with a mistimed superkick during a match in World Championship Wrestling, the injury from which eventually resulted in The Hitman having to retire. More than 20 years later, Hart takes every opportunity to remind fans he will probably never forgive Goldberg for that night.

"Get Him Out The Hall Of Fame!"

Bill was referenced a couple of times during a recent appearance by Bret at a K&S Wrestlefest signing (via The former WWF World Heavyweight champion was discussing his belief that Barry Horowitz should be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Not a topic connected to the former WWE Universal champion in any way whatsoever on the surface, but the Montreal Screw Jobber managed to connect the two subjects nonetheless.

“I always thought that if Goldberg got into the Hall of Fame then Horowitz should've gone into the Hall of Fame,” Hart said. His first slight on Goldberg, and perhaps a backhanded compliment to Horowitz depending on how you read the comment. The Hitman wasn't done yet, throwing a little more shade Goldberg's way.

Both Still Connected To WWE

Horowitz can actually wrestle. Goldberg never could. I think he got in there for hurting everybody he worked with … They should take Goldberg out .” Not something WWE is ever likely to do. It rarely removes people from their Hall of Fame... and even when it does, it usually reinstates them years later. Hulk Hogan had his status stripped, only for it to be given back after what the Federation deemed enough time had passed.

Not to mention, Ol' Whisker Biscuit is still closely linked with WWE. The former WWE Universal champion competed back in February, revealing that even though it was the last match on his contract, he still wants to wrestle Unified WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns again.

The Hitman is also still affiliated with the Federation, being shown sitting at ringside during Clash at the Castle last month.

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