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Britt Baker on Thunder Rosa

"It's just like on Twitter. People twist and turn your words and say that you said something that you didn't. All I did on the show was ask if she's able to travel, and she's traveling all over the place, and she's going on Busted Open every week saying, 'I'm still the champion, then why won't you just come to work? Why can't you come cut a promo? Why can't you come do commentary? Why can't you come to say hi to the locker room. Kris Statlander has had her knees blown out for over a year now, and she's there, I think every single week. I have a very workhorse mentality where I want to be at work. As soon as I'm done at Dynamite, I get on a plane and go to the dental office. I can't relate to that mentality why you don't want to be at work where you tell everybody you're the champion of, and I'll be honest, I've asked her that same question twice and she doesn't have an answer for me either. It's not that, 'Oh, I want her to work hurt or I don't believe in her injury.' There's none of that. It's just why not come to the locker room that you're the champion of when you can?"

-Britt Baker

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