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Does the WWE have a new RINGER?

WWE has announced that they are getting in the podcast and audio content game are going exclusively with Spotify and have sided with The Ringer Podcast Network to be their producer of both existing and new podcast and audio content.

This should come as absolutely no surprise as WWE has some decent audio content already and finding a home only on Spotify will up their game so-to-speak.

I'm also excited that they're going to be part of The Ringer Network as they are the only place to go if you are a fan of sports and pop culture. I'm a huge fan of what Bill Simmons, who is a pro wrestling junkie, will bring to the game. Their production value alone is well worth the price of only being on Spotify, but having Bill Simmons at the helm only gives them more legitimacy as the podcast wars are heading in the direction of exclusivity and paid-for content.

One of the premiere bonuses is going to be what sounds like an oral history of the WWE that will be done by Simmons himself.

If you haven't spent time listening to The Ringer network, I'd suggest giving them a try. I love The Rewatchables, a movie podcast with Bill Simmons and a rotating set of guest hosts, and then The Ringer-Verse with Van Lathan which is a great pod for pop culture geeks like myself.

I cannot wait to see the spit and polish that The Ringer puts on an already shiny and cherry audio platform that WWE already has.

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