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Dragon Lee Headed to WWE

Before 2022's end, the Federation have managed to squeeze in one more exciting signing to close out the year. Making the deal public after a match at a major Lucha Libre AAA event in Mexico, lauded luchador Dragon Lee has shared that he has signed with the WWE, looking to truly breakthrough in the United States in the world's biggest promotion.

Lee has spent the last several years travelling the globe and making a name for himself as one of the most exciting luchadors in the business. As well as becoming a star in his native Mexico, appearing for both AAA & CMLL, his feud with Hiromu Tanahashi rose his stock around the world, leading to championships in New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor, and also appeared in All Elite Wrestling earlier this year.

At AAA's Gira Aniversario XXX Noche De Campeones event, Dragon partnered with Dralistico to unseat FTR as the company's tag team champions. After the match, Lee took to the microphone and announced that it would be his last match in the promotion, as he had signed with the Federation. Speaking to ESPN, he shared that 'I think I can become the new Rey Mysterio in WWE... I just need the opportunity.' Dragon Lee also shared that Finn Balor played an instrumental part in securing the move, getting the talks going before WWE's higher ups entered the conversation.

Set To Join NXT

According to ESPN's report, Dragon's is set to join the Federation on a developmental deal, heading to WWE NXT in January. Though having competed at the highest level around the globe, by his own admission, Lee believes he still has plenty to learn. 'It's my challenge to learn more about promos,' he told ESPN. 'You will never finish learning in pro wrestling. But every time you wrestle, you learn. But about promos, it's something new for me. I would like to learn something new, how to become not just a wrestler -- an artist'.

The welcomes have already started, with WWE Hall of Famer Triple H taking to Twitter to share some praise for Dragon Lee, as well as introducing him to the WWE fanbase.

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