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Future of podcast decided

Dax Harwood & Matt Koon have officially announced the ending of the ‘FTR With Dax Harwood’ Podcast.

“We all wanted to do good for wrestling and I don't think that this podcast, as much as we tried, as hard as we tried, I don't think the podcast was reflecting that”

Dax stated that it was not AEW that made them end the podcast and if anything Tony Khan had always been very supportive of the podcast. He stated that the online negativity was not what they had in mind when they started the podcast.

Things became worse when they re-signed with AEW and announced that this would be their final run. The worst point was FTR suggesting CMFTR vs the Elite and saying that, that match could sell out All In. Death threats and calling his little daughter a whore were comment comments since then. Several people also wanted his family to leave him since he did not return to the other company.

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